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Coach cat

Let's get acquainted...

For over a decade, Catalina Park aka Coach Cat has been a leader in the life coaching and self-development space. She has worked with clients from over 26 countries and she continues to show up and make a difference every day, expanding her reach and her knowledge with each passing moment.


You may know her as an International Certified Life Coach, Trainer, and Podcaster through her work as the founder of Chat w/ Coach Cat, Toolz For Success, or from her courses and her books.  She is the go-to expert for helping entrepreneurs uplevel their mindset so that they can experience high levels of abundance. 


Cat's humble approach helps her clients experience rapid results. Her primary focus is Mindset Work. She has a passion for simplifying things and for helping her clients understand where their limitations lie. Change does NOT have to be hard. That's only a belief that needs to be questioned.


Her clients are her #1 mission! With that in mind, she has created a wide range of services that fall anywhere between eBooks, courses, masterminds, workshops, and VIP 1:1 coaching, to meet everyone's needs.

She knows personally how important it is to uplevel your mindset and grow in consciousness in order to experience abundance in all areas of life including love, money, freedom, and fun!  Even though she now has everything she always wanted, it wasn't always like that for her. She grew up in Romania during communism and she experienced firsthand what it's like to live in fear and to have a shortage of food and supplies. When she moved to America she vowed to overcome those limiting beliefs that were instilled in her in the early years and take those lessons and teach others to accomplish the same for themselves.

Now she helps entrepreneurs from all over the world make the world a better place while they're achieving all their personal and professional goals. Will you be her next success story?


  • Strategic Life Coach by Robin Madanes.

  • TFT practitioner by Callahan Techniques. Ltd.

  • Business Knowledge Broker.

Tammy Rolfe, UK

"Catalina is so good at what she does! She literally turned my belief around in one session, and it was a strong negative belief. I highly recommend Cat for anyone feeling a bit stuck or just wanting to move forward quicker."
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